“How much service have I rendered to my people?”

 Ernest Thompson Seton



Members Honored with Silver Beaver Award

Established in 1931, the Silver Beaver Award is the highest recognition a Boy Scout council can bestow on an adult volunteer leader. The honor is presented to those volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to the Scouting program.   The Silver Beaver is an award given to those who implement the Scouting program and perform community service through hard work, self sacrifice, dedication, and many years of service. 


The Eagle Scout Association is understandably proud of our members who have been honored with the Silver Beaver.  The following is a listing of our membership that have been so recognized.  They are a superb example of devotion to their Eagle Scout Charge, that of ".....giving back to Scouting part of what you received from Scouting."

Silver Beaver Recipients

Gerald F. Bailey

Louis C. Bailey

John R. Beckerle
Gerard Biedenstein
John F. Bild
Bruce Bollinger
Robert L. Borgstede
Edward J. Bradley, Jr.
Richard T. Bradley
Michael R. Brand 

George H. Capps

William R. Carter

Darrel Case
Charles G. Caverly

Gene A. Cole

Tom H. Connelly

Gregory J. Cooksey
Martin J. Corcoran
Thomas Coscia

Kevin M. Cummins

Albert E. Cunliff

Thomas B. Curtis

Richard P. Dorsey, III

Robert D. Drummond

Riley R. Eddleman

Todd Ellis

Ronald G. Evens, MD

David A. Felt
Kenneth R. Fiala
Donald L. Flax
Steve Fonod
Parker W. Fritschle

Theodore R. Gamble

Joseph M. Gentile

Gerhard K. Glassl

Ronald L. Griesenauer

James M. Grossman
David B. Guthrie
Bob Hammack
Russell J. Hart
Arthur W. Hartmann
John W. Hayes, Jr.
Allen W. Hellwege
Louis H. Heyman
Steven G. Heyman

J.W. Huls

Ronald I. Jennings

William H. Johnson

Eugene F. Jordan

Roy W. Jordan

Lawrence Knopfel
Richard A. Koch
Donald E. Lang
James C. Larkin, Jr.
Alan M. Londe, M.D.
Lawrence A. Marler
Fredrick D. Marquard

Jin Matsumoto

Thomas F. McCarthy

Sanford N. McDonnell

Roger W. McFarland

Jason McManus

Mark Melliere

Ronald T. Newton

Thomal J. Noel
Edgar L. Orchard
Robert E. Palmer
Robert E. Palmer, II
Adolph E. Peschke

John L. "Jack" Pierson

William D. Rasmussen, Jr.

John H. Remelius
Lester S. Roewe
George Benham Ross
Timothy N. Scheer

John A. Schiffman

Eugene J. Schnell

Arthur C. Schuchardt, Jr.
Bert Schweizer, II
Hugh Scott, III

W. Charles Seris, Jr.

William Bixby Sheldon

Ronald W. Simpkins

Glen A. Sites

Warren T. Snover

David T. Spooner
Greg Stone
Robert B. Svoboda
Samuel J. Temperato
Jerome J. Thompson
David A. Wahlbrink

Fred W. Wenzel

Randy Weber

David C. Whitney

Paul P. Yaloures
Mike Yarborugh

P. Charles Zdazinsky

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