Eagle Scout Recognition Awards 

The Eagle Scout Association of Greater St. Louis is proud to be responsible for the selection of applicants to be submitted to the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) for receipt of the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award and the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. 





The Outstanding Eagle Scout Award is bestowed on an Eagle Scout who has demonstrated outstanding achievement at the local, state or regional level.  Recipients of this award may have demonstrated achievement in their career or avocation, or may have shown a commitment and support to their community.  This award also recognizes Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated bravery or self-sacrifice.


To submit an applicant for consideration, please use the form found at  http://www.STLESA.org/Resources/Documents/NOESA%20Application.pdf

Forward the completed form and any other documentation and information that supports the candidate's consideration for this award to  Awards@STLESA.org, or to the address noted on the form (email preferred).  Complete applications received before October 1 will be reviewed and considered for the award in the current year.





The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award was established in 1969 to recognize those Eagle Scouts who have risen to a high level of preeminence, and accomplishment in their chosen field, and who have demonstrated their commitment to volunteerism and support of their community.  To better understand the requirements for the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, go to  http://www.NESA.org/DESA_history.html.  Contact Awards@STLESA.org for more information, and for support in the application process. 


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