Our Mission

Our members continue to give back to Scouting for what Scouting has bestowed upon them...
  • Advancement opportunities on the Trail to Eagle
  • Service to the Greater St. Louis Area Council
  • Brotherhood to all Scouts

Our History

The members of the Eagle Scout Association (ESA) have supported the Greater St. Louis Area Council, BSA Scouting program since 1947.  Serving as a “flying squad” ESA takes on projects others have neither the time nor resources to handle.  History shows that when asked, there has been no shortage of members willing to help.  “When do you want it done?” has always been the prevailing attitude.


ESA grew out of the post World War II period.  Tom Connelly, 1949 ESA President and charter member, said that, following their war service, it was a time when young men wanted to resume normal home lives, jobs and activities.


The Council was suffering from a post-war decline in adult participation when Col. Joseph E. Vollmar, then Council President, and Carl H. Laemmli, then Director of Field Service, realized the great resource of mature young people with Scouting experience.


Out of 2,000 Eagle Scouts on record, Laemmli found local addresses for 750.  Many of those individuals were leaders in business, the trades, government and education.  Twenty Eagles enthusiastically approved the idea of creating an Association.   By-laws were drawn up in 1947 by Thomas B. Curtis and the Eagle Scout Association was born.   Membership soared to 209 by the end of 1948.

Today, the “Bald Eagles” (shiny dome not required) include individuals ages 18 to 80+.  Members earned their Eagle Scout rank in St. Louis and throughout the U.S. and represent virtually every trade and profession.

Most of our members are currently involved in Scouting on a Council, District or Unit level.  They serve on special committees and may sit on the Eagle Review Boards or present ranks at Eagle Courts of Honor.  While not a requirement for ESA membership, many members choose to also renew their BSA membership.  ESA members can be as active as they choose.

This attitude, plus the short-term nature of most activities, is one of the secrets to ESA’s success in the support of Scouting in the Greater St. Louis Council.

Predating the National Eagle Scout Association by 25 years, ESA members continue to reaffirm their allegiance to the Scout Oath and Law and recognize their obligations and responsibilities to the rank of Eagle Scout.


The Eagle Scout Association of St. Louis is also the Chapter Representative of NESA, the National Eagle Scout Association and assumes the Responsibilities for ALL Eagle Scouts in our area.

On our honor we will Do Our Best for the betterment of Scouting and the community.

The Eagle Scout Association of Greater St. Louis is understandably proud of our members who have been honored by others for their service!


"Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle"

Members Honored with Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

Members Honored with Silver Beaver

Members Honored with Silver Antelope

Members Honored with Silver Buffalo

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