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 Daniel Carter Beard



Members Honored with Silver Antelope


First presented in 1943, the Silver Antelope Award is presented for outstanding service to youth within one of the four regions of the BSA. The criteria are similar to those for the Silver Buffalo with one major difference: A recipient must be a registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America. The awards are presented in connection with regional meetings or at other public functions within the region. The National Court of Honor bestows Silver Antelope on the basis of the number of registered volunteers in a region.


The Silver Antelope is the regional distinguished service award and recognizes volunteers who have made a significant contribution to the Scouting program at a regional or area level. There are no tenure requirements, but the competition is heavy and usually there is only one presented per area. The committee usually looks for several years of service within one of the four regions of the BSA. The award is presented by the National Court of Honor.

The Eagle Scout Association is understandably proud of our members who have been honored with the Silver Antelope.  The following is a listing of our membership that have been recognized. They are a superb example of devotion to their Eagle Scout Charge, that of "Giving back to Scouting part of what you received from Scouting."

Silver Antelope Recipients: 

Michael R. Brand
Joseph Burleski
James M. Grossman

Glenn T. Hay

Eugene F. Jordan
Richard A. Koch
Alan M. Londe, M.D.
Jin Matsumoto
Sanford N. McDonnell

Adolph E. Peschke

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