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Message From Your President


Welcome Fellow Eagle Scouts,


     I am honored and humbled to be your President. The Eagle Scout Association of Greater St. Louis is celebrating 72 years of serving the Scouts of the Greater St. Louis Area Council. The mission of the ESA follows the ethical values of the Boy Scout Oath and Law. We are a Brotherhood of Eagle Scouts that serve our Scouts through service projects, camp improvements and trail to Eagle support. Our members continue to give back to Scouting for what Scouting has bestowed upon them. We are servant leaders with a goal of helping Scouts succeed in the Boy Scout program. Future Eagle Scouts will become the distinguished leaders of tomorrow. We are a social organization, and plan various activities to promote fellowship, team building and friendship.


     Founded in 1947, the Eagle Scout Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and our membership dues cover our operating expenses. 100% of our fundraising proceeds are returned to BSA related programs of the St. Louis Area Council including Eagle Scout project grants, NYLT camp improvements, Wood Badge coffee for trainers and attendees and shooting sports. The Eagle Shotgun Range at S-F was funded and built by our organization, and provides both skeet and trap shooting for an enhanced BSA shotgun program. Merit Badge Make-Up Day is an excellent example of the ESA providing an opportunity for Scouts to move forward on the Eagle trail. Scouts can complete partial merit badges from summer camp at this annual event.

     The majority of active and dedicated members of the Order of the Arrow become Eagle Scouts. Shawnee Lodge has a rich history of service and commitment to the Greater St. Louis Area Council, and their Arrowmen have volunteered numerous hours of Cheerful Service to council camps, local communities, and conservation projects. The ESA has a strong relationship with Shawnee Lodge. We actively seek Cheerful Service opportunities at Fall Reunions and Spring Conclaves. Our leadership team has recently approved Section Conclave scholarships for youth Arrowmen. These scholarships are offered to youth Arrowmen from every lodge in the Greater St. Louis Area Council. Our continued support of the OA helps provide a better experience for the Scouts.

     A few of our members received the prestigious NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award. These gentlemen have a strong dedication and commitment towards the Scouting program and local community. They are extremely successful with their professional career, and are great examples of servant leadership due to their generosity and philanthropy. These gentlemen represent the ideals of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, and continue to leave a positive impact on society. Congratulations on being recipients of this great honor.


     The Greater St. Louis Area Council recently merged with the Lewis & Clark and the Lincoln Trails councils, and has grown in size with regards to camps, resources, and scouts. The Eagle Scout Association supports the entire Greater St. Louis Area Council. The ESA supports the annual Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner. The dinner is a Council fundraising event that honors every Eagle Scout from the previous calendar year. We provide volunteers for the event, and purchase a table to show our strong support for Council. We recognize every Eagle Scout at the dinner by presenting them an Eagle Scout Challenge coin. A photo is taken of every Eagle Scout with the Association's current President to capture a special moment from the dinner.

     The leadership team challenges every member of the Eagle Scout Association to become more involved with our organization, and wants to reach out to every Eagle Scout (18 years old or older). A younger generation of Eagle Scouts will bring new ideas to the table. We need their knowledge, skills, and leadership. They are the future of the ESA. We welcome their involvement with our leadership team. Please reach out to your Eagle friends, and encourage them to join this awesome group of Eagle Scouts. Here’s to another 72 years of service to the Scouting program!!! Please join me in building a brighter future for the scouts of the Greater St. Louis Area Council.


"Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle!!!"


Yours in Scouting,


Tom Noel

President, Eagle Scout Association of Greater St. Louis


Membership Options:

Annual Membership $20 or Life Membership $300




Arthur Rose Eldred

BSA's First Eagle Scout - 1912

Troop 1 in Oceanside, New York 


“Think about it. Becoming an Eagle Scout is just about the only thing you can put on your resume at age fifty that you did at age fourteen - and it still impresses.”

Dr. Randy Pausch



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